Engagement Story

I’ll let you hear what Rhiannon said directly from her fingertips (with interjections from me):

“We were in Lovell, ME at New England Frontier Camp on Kezar Lake (rated by National Geographic as one of the top 10 most beautiful lakes in the world!) because we were going to the Fryeburg Faire on Sunday, so we slept over on Saturday.

The “we” she refers to is my three best friends (James, Lars, and Ryan), Bethany, Rhiannon, and me.  Ryan is the interim director at NEFC, so he was already up there for the weekend running a work weekend doing fall cleanup, and Lars and Beth just got married last weekend and they surprised us by stopping in at camp on their way home from their honeymoon which happened to be nearby.

He came and woke me up on Sunday morning while it was still dark out to go watch the sunrise with him.  We walked down to the lake, and there he had a rowboat filled with blankets, a thermos of hot coffee, snacks, and his camera.  We rowed out onto the lake and sat in the bottom of the boat and cuddled and chatted and read some scripture together – we had a great time!

We sure did!!

We watched the sunrise as it made the clouds beautiful pinks and purples, then watched the mountains opposite the clouds as the sunshine started down the sides, illuminating the bright-colored trees.

It was so much fun watching the shadows turn into dull colors and slowly into brilliant fall foliage!  I had rowed into the breeze when we left, thinking we could sit for a while and get blown slowly back towards camp, but as soon as we got out there, the wind changed and kept blowing us farther and farther away from camp.  By the time the sun was hitting most of the western shore we had drifted behind a hill so we were still in shadow…

… , so David rowed us out past the shadow of that hill. . . just as a cloud came and covered up the sun!  So, we sat there for a bit and as the sun rose from behind the cloud, he got down on his knees and grabbed his camera :)  He took pictures of the sunrise …

… and of me …

and then reached in his camera bag again and pulled out the ring . . . but, I was completely oblivious – even as he was saying all sorts of mushy things :)  Then he said, “Rhiannon,

<insert long pause…> :)

… will you marry me?” and opened the ring box, and I said, “Really?!!!!”  That was quickly followed by, “of course! yes!!!”  Then he said a lot more mushy things (he had a whole speech prepared, but was too nervous when he asked me, so he followed up with most of it).”

Yup, it’s true.  =D  She said yes!!!!  =D  After a few minutes I thought to take a picture and in shuffling around to get lined up for one, we nearly tipped over!

The above picture was one of the ones taken *just* after the near-mishap.  (Fortunately the ring was securely attached to her finger at that point. :) )  After a little while longer we rowed back to camp, where our friends were also watching the sunrise from a porch.

And then we hung out with our friends on the porch…

2 Responses to Engagement Story

  1. Kimmie Kopsaftis says:

    Picture perfect you two. Good Job David :) Rhi – you are so beautiful!!!! Love ya

  2. janie parker says:

    I love it!
    Just right!
    What a lovely, lovely story to share with your children someday when you take them out in a little rowboat that you will undoubtedly purchase someday!

    This is the first time I’ve checked out your site.
    It’s a cold December morning, and I’m warming myself with my coffee….and your lovely story.

    Looking forward to your wedding!!
    Many blessings!

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